Welcome to the home-page of SIGHTS Practical Shooters. SIGHTS is AN IDPA-affiliated competitive shooting group operating out of West Shore Sportsmen's Association located in Lewisberry Pennsylvania. We are approximately 45 minutes north of the Pennsylvania/Maryland border, 2 hours west of Philadelphia, and 3 1/2 hours east of Pittsburgh.

SIGHTS hosts IDPA competitions the first Sunday of each month, March through September, and informal practice every Thursday.  Most matches are offered in either a straight pistol format or a two-gun format (pistol and rifle, pistol and shotgun, etc.) Competitions normally include 5 traditional IDPA stages and one blind house stage which is not scored. Our matches are open to current IDPA members and first-time IDPA shooters alike. ***We shoot rain or shine, if heavy rains we will have 6 stages in the indoor range, run 2 at a time with a break in between to set up the next stages***

Our remaining matches will be allowing Pistol Caliber Carbine and Carry Optics. PCC rules are 10 rounds in all magazines, chamber flag, case in between stages or a 3 Gun style cart with muzzle down. Since we also use the indoor range as one of our stages you must bring a pistol to shoot that stage or pass on shooting the indoor stage. (PCC exceeds club limits (FPS) on indoor range)

We ask everyone to please read the Announcements/Reminders page.  It contains brief reminders for all shooters based upon observations from recent matches.