Who is SIGHTS?
Sights is an IDPA affiliated club resident at the West Shore Sportsmen's Association(WSSA). We have been in existence since 2001. Practices are held every Thursday evening between 6:30PM and 9:00PM. You do not have to be an IDPA member to practice with us, but you must be a WSSA member in good standing (see below for more information).  Directions to the WSSA club can be found here.

What is IDPA?
IDPA stands for The International Defensive Pistol Association. IDPA matches simulate real-world self-defense scenarios. The main focus is using real-world gear and real-world guns (as opposed to some of the ultra customized guns used in other shooting sports) in a competitive sport. For a more in-depth description of the IDPA organization please visit the IDPA home page.

What do I need to compete in IDPA?            
Complete IDPA holster and handgun rules can be found in the IDPA Rules Book. Essentially if you have a stock or slightly modified handgun and holster that fits the handgun safely and securely and a jacket, shirt, or vest that can completely conceal your holstered handgun, you can compete in IDPA. If you are concerned that your handgun and/or holster will not qualify, bring it by during one of our practices and one of the senior members will take a look. We do not strictly follow the IDPA handgun/cover-up guidelines for practice, so any handgun (within reason) can be used at practices. Holsters must still be safe for fast-draw so they must be side-mount-style holsters (no middle-of-the-back, ankle, shoulder, or cross-draw holsters). It is also highly recommended that you have at least three magazines/speed loaders for the handgun you will be using.  Many scenarios will require at least one reload and if a magazine malfunctions on you, you'll need really want another to back it up.

Can I practice with you without being an IDPA/WSSA member?
WSSA bylaws allow a non-WSSA member to use WSSA ranges as a guest of a WSSA member 3 times before requiring the non-member to become a member. In other words, if you are not a WSSA member, feel free to stop by and check out what we do as our guest. There is a $1.00 guest membership charge if you plan on shooting with us that day. Just talk to one of the guys/gals in the clubhouse and we'll get you set up. If you like what you see and would like to practice with us on a regular basis, you must become a WSSA member.  All WSSA members are welcome to practice with us without being IDPA members.

Can I compete without being an IDPA/WSSA member?
Sure can. Per IDPA rules, everyone is entitled to one match before committing to becoming an IDPA member. You do not need to be a WSSA member at any time to compete in a match we are hosting.  We even cover the temporary membership fee as a part of our match fee.

What do I need to know before my first practice/match?
We practice safe gun handling at WSSA. If you are attending a practice at WSSA for the first time, please check with one of the members in the clubhouse before unpacking your firearm. If you are attending a Sights match for the first time, please arrive by 9:30AM to attend a safety check before the match.  .


What is a normal IDPA match like?
An IDPA match consists of a number of small scenarios. Competitors are grouped into squads usually by shooting ability and rotate through the different scenarios set up throughout the rages on the club grounds. Each scenario has a description and requirements. Shooters are timed for how long it takes to complete the scenario. Once a shooter completes a scenario time is added to the completion time based upon the shooters accuracy and ability to follow the requirements of the scenario. So, faster shooting does not always equal a lower final time. After all scenarios are completed, final times are added up and competitors are ranked from fastest to slowest total final times.

Does Sights do anything different from other IDPA matches?
At Sights, we also incorporate an optional shoot-house (a favorite of our pre-IDPA days) and a single indoor scenario in every match.

Anything else I need to know?        
Unsafe firearm handling will not be tolerated. Do not handle/load/unholster a firearm unless told to do so by the Range Safety Officer. Failure to follow safe firearm handling procedures can result in disqualification from the match, suspension of WSSA membership and/or expulsion from club grounds.  There are only 2 circumstances where firearm handling is permitted: 

1. You may handle firearms on your own at a designated safe gun handling area, with the muzzle always pointed in a safe direction. At our matches we’ve always designated the covered pistol range 1, and we’d like to also allow the falling plate rack range (3) which may be a little more convenient. Range 1 is hot & open to general club members, but no shooting at the plate racks please. We also provide a Safe Table located at the left berm of range 2
2. Under the direct instruction of the range safety officer on any range. The example we’re all most familiar with is “Load and make ready,” but the range safety officer can also help if you need to bag the gun after a match, etc. The safety officers are there to help, just ask. 
Any other firearm handling will result in a match DQ. This is true from the moment you arrive on the property until the moment you leave, and applies everywhere – your car, the parking lot, the clubhouse etc – these are not safe gun handling areas. You’ll find these rules at any IDPA or USPSA match anywhere, we’re no different. We appreciate  your cooperation in keeping all firearm handling safe and controlled